PHP Developer

My notes and thoughts about Linux, WordPress, PHP and many more.


Below are the most important resources relating to PHP and Webmaster training:

1.) – The complete resource information about PHP functions and PHP in general.
2.) DevShed – Tutorials on PHP programming language and open source technology.
3.) Google webmaster central– Complete resource information for webmaster. Provided by Google.
4.) PHP Tutorial on Tigzag– Beginner tutorial on PHP programming by Tigzag.
5.) Webmaster World – Forums for webmasters.
6.) XAMPP – free Apache server with MySQL and PHP that can be installed in your Windows or Linux computer.
7.) PHP Security – Important guidelines on the best security practices in PHP programming language.
8.) WordPress – is proudly powered by WordPress.
9.) PHP Development– Free web scripts (PHP, JavaScript, etc), internet-related software (instant messaging, web authoring, etc), web development.
10.) Website Design– Sigma InfoTech specializes in web design and a website designer with an ability to put your business ahead for the company.
11.) Php Training Help– Another resource for PHP programming emphasizing on beginners.
12.) PHP form– a free tutorial about processing HTML forms with PHP.


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