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  • July 7, 2009

    .htaccess in WordPress XAMPP localhost

    If you have done a mod rewrite of the Wordpress URLS at live site for example; rewriting unfriendly URLs like: to keyword based URLs like: . You need to tweak the .htaccess to function it properly when you are doing a work at XAMPP localhost (assuming you have placed all your files in htdocs under “wordpress” folder): So if this is the original .htaccess containing the mod rewrite rules for …

  • March 14, 2009

    WordPress Sort Search Result by Title Plug-in

    I am beginning to wonder how to sort search results in word press by post titles. There is a plugin below.

    Readme/ Instructions: 1. Download the plugin here. 2. Upload to wp-content/plugins directory in wordpress3. Activate the plugin. 3. So everytime there is a search query made in wordpress, it will sort alphabetically in descending or ascending order. To sort post titles by ascending order, change the last line to:

    If you have …