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  • January 21, 2017

    How to fresh install LAMP ( Apache, MySQL 5.7+, PHP 5.6/7.0+) in Ubuntu 16.04+

    Requisites Before proceeding the requisites below run this:

    Then: Old installation of Apache, MySQL and PHP must be completely uninstalled from your system before you can use this tutorial. It is because they will interfere with the new installation process and can disrupt the installation. Please refer to these complete removal procedures if you have not done yet. You must be running Ubuntu 16.04 +. If you have not done so, upgrade your Ubuntu version to 16.04 L …

  • January 21, 2017

    How to completely remove PHP, MySQL and Apache in Ubuntu 16.04+

    Reasons why you would want to do this Local Apache/MySQL/PHP not working after upgrade to Ubuntu 16.04 Local Server beyond repair, diagnosing issues takes too much time Simply want to completely remove LAMPP installation in order to have a fresh installation. Requirements and scope Important: Please run:

    Before you proceed with anything else. Tested in Ubuntu 16.04+, if you are using an older Ubuntu versions. This may not guaranteed to work You want to completely …

  • September 29, 2012

    Best practices of PHP Error Handling: Illustrated using a Video Streaming Script

    Proper Error handling is important in PHP for the following reasons: 1.) Provides easy troubleshooting for you as a developer of the script or PHP application. 2.) Provides security measures for your script against malicious use of the script. One of the mistakes I’ve learned in the past is showing PHP errors publicly. I admit that mistake. In reality your users does not care what to do with the errors or does not know anything about that error. So in summary, you should hide these errors from s …

  • August 27, 2012

    Facebook Comments API using PHP and JSON: With Demo Example

    This is a short tutorial illustrating a script that can pull out Facebook comments through their API graph using PHP and JSON. If you are developer, this can be a valuable information to you. NOTE: If you want the complete script example right away, scroll down below FINAL STEP now. STEP1- Define the URL It is already assumed that the domain you are going to retrieve and parse Facebook comments is already implementing Facebook comments for some time and there are lots of comments to retrieve. Th …

  • August 14, 2012

    PayPal IPN Handler Script using Curl in PHP 5: Complete Working Example

    I recently encounter a bug with my old IPN handler script in PayPal. It is working in PHP4 many years ago and right now I need to fix it. Before it is using fsockopen but some of my clients complain its not being compatible with their servers. So I revised the IPNhandler script below using Curl, this is only an example. The PayPal fields depends on your application. Take note that the script was written for a sandbox environment so please test that first before deploying it to your production se …

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