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Developer Notes:- The original source code of this open source PHP application can be downloaded here.

If you install the application in your localhost, it will run as stand alone. It can also be used in production setting. You can also integrate this application with CMS. For example, this login is integrated with Wordpress CMS.

This makes it possible to create a private website inheriting the CMS design/templates or themes while running independently from the CMS. If you would like to integrate this with Wordpress or other CMS, refer to the following tips:

1.) The authentication or register PHP script should be placed above the Wordpress or other CMS headers. Otherwise it will return "headers already sent PHP errors".

2.) If you want a a truly secure login, you should be using SSL. This will encrypt the login details as it travels over the Internet.

3.) You can of course integrate this application in non-CMS setting or a framework provided you know how to work with the source code provided.

4.) I'm not anymore interested in developing/improving the application as I have other things to do. If you have some simple questions, feel free to ask it in the comment section here..

5.) If you have other request to this software, I cannot anymore attend to it due to time constraints. You can either ask some help from the community about this.

Websites where this open source login script has been used

I search on the Internet and there are lots of cool sites implementing this open source application. Below are some great examples PHP secure login script implementation:








If you know some great examples, let me know. Thanks.