Submitting and verifying a Blog Claim on Technorati using Feedburner

MGQCDW3BS83U – This is my Technorati token key after submitting this blog to Technorati. If you are using Feedburner, the Technorati blog claim process is a bit of neck pain. For those of you who are using Feedburner and submitting their blog to Technorati, the following are my best advice:

1.) Make sure you write a new post in your blog. Put the token before the first sentence of your paragraph, such as shown previously.
2.) Write more than 500 words, if you write less than a few words. It won’t appear in your feed!
3.) Publish your post containing the claim token, the most important part is that the token SHOULD appear in the feed URL content such shown in the screenshot below:

Technorati blog claim

4.) In Feedburner you feed URL should look like
5.) Now in your Technorati profile make sure you are using the correct Feed URL which should look like
6.) Click the “Check Claim”, if Technorati manage to find the token key , it should look like below:

claim token

7.) Now you should wait for some time before Technorati will approve or reject your blog.

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