How to delete all WordPress spam comments at once?

       Today, I experience a major problem. There were hundreds of spam comments in this blog. Most of the spam comments were of Viagra nature, some pretending to be legitimate comments but their feedback is pretty awful, you should be warned if lots of comments were like this:

“Nice website. Thanks for the research you have done”.

Or this one:

“Great website, this is one of the best websites I have seen”.

       Comments like that are not substantial or informative in nature and fall into the category of spam. It is wise to double check and actually read the comments. Now the problem is that if the spam filter actually catches more than a hundred or even 60,000 spam comments (yes, I have seen WordPress websites with spam comments at that extreme magnitude).

       If you were to delete comments one by one then you might be wasting a lot of time. On the other note, spam comments can even hurt your website reputation. A post made by the Google webmasters blog emphasizes that webmasters should not ignore spam comments in their website.

       Putting the spam comments with links using link rel nofollow isn’t enough; the best course of action is actually removing them from your blog, so that it won’t pollute legitimate users experience.

       Putting back into the main problem of removing thousands of spam comments at once, the only recommended and the best course of action is to delete all of them in the WordPress MySQL database.

       If you did not know it, you probably need help of your website administrator or the one setting up your website. It is pretty simple, follow these steps:

Step1: Login into your WordPress MySQL database using phpmyadmin.
Step 2: In one of the navigation menus, click “SQL”
Step 3: The SQL query box will then show, then at the text area, enter below:

DELETE FROM `wp_comments` WHERE `comment_approved`='spam'

Step 4: Click Go, then all spam comments will gone in an instant.

Now, if you browse at the MySQL table called “wp_comments”, sometimes spam comments is not actually labeled as “spam” instead it might be labeled as “0” in this case, you might tweak the MySQL query to:

DELETE FROM `wp_comments` WHERE `comment_approved`='0'

photo credits by: Contri

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