Excel Spreadsheet to Estimate Visitors from Google- Keyword Analysis Tool

Below is the Excel workbook which you can use to estimate the visitors from Google for your targeted keywords.

Download this file

For details, please refer to the tutorial I wrote in SEO Chat entitled: Google Ranking Positions and %CTR: Estimating Search Engine Visitors SEO Chat. The details and sample computation is included in that article.

Note: If you like to modify the spreadsheet, the password is codexm

General procedure:

1.) Download the tool above.

2.) Go to this tool: https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal

3.) Enter your keyword, select location to Worldwide (entire countries).

4.) After the results are shown , change the match from Broad to “Exact” match type. This is important.

5.) Copy the search result data for that keyword using exact match type and paste to the yellow cell in the spreadsheet tool.

6.) The tool will automatically calculate the estimated visitors to your website from Position 1 all the way down to Position 20.

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