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The importance of a user friendly and readable website

With the increasing popularity of internet as the source of information and daily needs; people young and old starts browsing the web and looking for information.

Website designers face a tremendous challenge to please non-technical visitors to properly understand content and maximizing user-experience. However one of the biggest problems is readability.

People start to complain of highly dark or bright website background colors and too light or too dark font colors. Website designers however cannot completely provide the best colors settings.

One of the main issues is the color sensitivity and performance of computer monitors which cannot be controlled by designers. Other uncontrollable aspects includes the readers eyesight performance which some may be color blind, etc.

Currently, users cannot customize font and website background colors according to their taste since they are located in html and read-only CSS files. With the use of AJAX and PHP technology, it is possible to create webpage where users can customize CSS elements.

This page is an example; above are sliders where users can control and customize web colors and update the page without the need of reloading. This is the beauty of AJAX.

You can download the whole script of this demo page here: here

Link To This Tool
1. Click inside the codebox
2. Right-Click then Copy
3. Paste the HTML code into your webpage

User-defined AJAX Controlled CSS by and Sliders by:

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