Check broken links after server migration using Xenu Sleuth

Before this site was hosted in But I decided to shift to WordPress to avail a lot of web features. I then download WordPress 2.8 to my desktop and install it in the WordPress XAMPP localhost.

I complete all the necessary onsite work that could help the crawlability of my site. One thing I have noticed is that during those changes, I am required to use absolute URLs like this:


When I migrate all the files to Live ftp server, this cannot be accessed by anymore because it is not using the correct URL which should be:

It will be impossible to detect the broken links or URLs without the use of Xenu sleuth crawler. You can download it here:Download Xenu Sleuth.

Just click “Skip to External” then in the address , find ones that will still have localhost in the result. You need to fix it.

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