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This tool is capable of distinguishing backlinks in unique Class C IP address as well as evaluating the relevance of the inbound link page.

This is a very useful tool to assess both the quantity and quality of your backlinks, important in search engine optimization.

Please fill in required data and click "Submit" button. Please be patient, this can take up to 2 minutes maximum to generate the report. The results will be shown at the bottom portion of this page in blue font.

Enter root domain URL ( for example: URL should start http:// and DO NOT include trailing slash at the end.

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Why this tool is important in SEO and how accurate is this tool?

1.) Unlike other link tools, this tool can give you a clue if your backlink is related or not, simply by examining the retrieve keywords of your backlink pages title tag.

If those retrieve keywords matches with your site topic, then you can say you have related backlink pages; otherwise it is not. You should aim at getting related backlinks for best results in SEO.

2.) This tool is free of charge and no usage limit. If you like it. Link to this tool and share it to your friends.

3.) This tool is capable of "estimating" the amount of links from unique class C IP address. Remember that if all links comes from a single IP block , it will not count as much important when it comes to link reputation.

4.) Since Yahoo site explorer API is only providing samples of backlinks instead of the overall count; this tool is sampling based, thus it is not "100%" accurate.

5.) The total backlinks from unique domains and in unique class C IP are computed as follows:

Total backlinks (unique domains and unique class C)= (Number of backlinks from unique domains in unique class C IP in a sample/Total sample analyzed)*(Total backlinks pointing to the website)

As what you have observed, this tool "estimates" instead of providing the real count of backlinks.

6.) If you need a more precise and accurate tool, it is recommended you will use the Google webmaster tools. Of course, you need your site to be verified before you can start analyzing the data.

7.) This tool is useful for analyzing not only your website backlinks (if you do not have a Google webmaster tools account) but your competitor websites as well.

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