Custom Google XML Sitemap Generator

This tool will generate the source code of an XML sitemap which you can copy(control-A then control-C) and paste the results to a notepad blank file and save as "sitemap.xml"

This is using Google XML sitemap standard for making custom XML sitemaps.

Enter ALL canonical URLs below(STRICTLY one URL per line and uniform protocol (either all http:// or all https://)).See sample here

It is highly recommended to sort the URLs from the most important to least important WHEN YOU ENTER IT in the text area(most important first- e.g your "homepage"). This free version is only allowed to accept at most 500 canonical URLs per processing. If you need more, please contact me.

The most important URL will be automatically assigned with priority "1.0" and least priority used is "0.5".Make sure your homepage are entered in the text area first.

Upload your sitemap.xml to the root directory of your domain/sub-domain. For example: or if you are using a sub-domain:

Once it is live in the server root directory, you can safely submit it to your website Google webmaster tools account.

Type the captcha below (sorry but this application consumes a lot of CPU resource usage so we need to make sure you are a human, thanks for understanding):

Download source code

Link To This Tool
1. Click inside the codebox
2. Right-Click then Copy
3. Paste the HTML code into your webpage